General Kinetics shows products in action in new YouTube Channel

Date: February 27, 2017

Brampton Ontario, Canada – February 27, 2017 – General Kinetics Engineering Corporation the world’s leading provider of military suspension damping systems and advanced semi active damping systems, today announced the launch of a new YouTube Channel to provided more information on the company’s products and innovations. 

General Kinetics YouTube Channel features demonstration videos showcasing damping products in applications from vehicle suspension to seating systems.  The videos help the customer see firsthand the performance benefits engineered damping solutions can provide for their end products.  “While most of our business is the result of working closely with our customers which often involves building demonstration prototypes, our new YouTube Channel provides another avenue to demonstrate the performance advantages or our products in a variety of applications to a broader audience of potential users.” said Chuck Williamson President and CEO of General Kinetics.  The channel can be viewed at

About General Kinetics Engineering Corporation

General Kinetics has been supplying dampers for demanding applications for over 30 years.  We formed our company around the idea that the needs and wants of the Military customers were distinct and therefore engineering a damping solution should be as well. That was…and still is…the key to our success.

We provide suspension components and systems to all the major US Military Vehicle OEM’s, and we supply shock absorbers for US-made military vehicles all over the world. We have successfully demonstrated ride improvement with all the major vehicle manufacturers on new and existing programs that resulted in a measurable increase in cross-country speed simply by adjusting the performance characteristics of the suspension to suit the mission.


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