Mission / Vision / Values


If our customer is successful, we share in their success.

Our Mission

We design and manufacture passive and semi active suspension systems and components for vehicles and seating systems. Our direct customers are the vehicle manufactures, military and commercial suspension integrators, manufacturing partners and agencies of domestic and foreign Governments. Our ultimate customer are soldiers, Marines, and users of high mobility vehicles and equipment.

Our Vision

To be our market’s first choice for dynamic control systems.


  • We align our capabilities according to the needs of our customers.
  • We consult with our customers on the capabilities and advantages of improved dynamic systems
  • We serve our customers with relevant products, industry partnerships and innovative engineering
  • We continuously improve our product to deliver superior technical solutions
  • We continuously improve our process for better safety and higher productivity
  • We protect our employees with a safe and comfortable working environment

Why we do what we do

This picture says it all.soldier_home.jpg

Everything we do at General Kinetics is to make sure that when their active duty deployment tour is over, each and every solider and marine walks off that plane and into the arms of their family.  That's what it's all about for us.  It's the most important thing we do. Our customers deserve no less.

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