Light Tactical Vehicles

Fast. Highly Mobile. Durable. General Kinetics suspension solutions for Light Tactical Vehicles (LTV) provide the agility and mobility performance paramount for the LTV mission. Whether the vehicle is configured for command and control, troop transport, light cargo transport, shelter carrier, towed weapons movement or as a weapons platform, General Kinetics suspension can support the mission. In all type of terrain, our damping solutions provide the mobility, reliability and performance critical to survivability, operational readiness and ultimately mission success.

Our portfolio of passive and semi active damping systems are capable of improving the performance of independent, solid axle or strut suspensions to exceed vehicle mobility targets and speed over terrain. Whether your vehicle requires a damper to work with existing springs or a strut, coil over hydropneumatic or air spring damper, General Kinetics has the solution. Passive dampers can be configured with integrated end stops or position sensitive damping to further extend performance. If additional performance and vehicle dynamics control is needed, General Kinetics Active Shock brand semi active dampers can solve the problem with technology, performance and reliability unparalleled in the industry. Optional ride height adjustment systems are also available.

General Kinetics…Get There. Faster.

High Performance Passive Suspensions

  • Small Bore Dampers
  • Medium Bore Dampers
  • Hydropneumatic Struts

Semi Active Suspension Systems

  • Active Shock Semi Active Dampers

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