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HET - Heavy Equipment Transporter

General Kinetics Active Shock brand semi-active damper technology provides real time control for your seat suspension system, enhancing occupant safety and comfort. The patented continuously variable damper valve is controlled by Active Shock patented Ride State Aware™ algorithm that reads sensors embedded in the damper and outputs the ideal force target in real time.

General Kinetics Active Shock Brand semi active dampers are engineered and configured to effectively isolate occupants from the dangers of blast events. Seats using Active Shock dampers offer protection and ride comfort to military personnel by greatly mitigating the effects of mine and explosive device blasts. When protection and survival are critical, General Kinetics can help design the solution. Active Shock damping solutions not only reduce the effects of blast but also provide ride comfort to improve personnel mission readiness. Blast and laboratory tests have demonstrated that the Active Shock damping technology can reduce the level of load felt by an occupant’s spine and pelvis to well below the DRI targets set by the US Military. System continuous operation during the blast event provides protection for both primary (blast) and secondary (slam down) impulses.

General Kinetics is a world leader in semi-active suspension technology and can provide outstanding shock mitigation performance in the most demanding applications.

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