Construction Equipment Seating

General Kinetics Active Shock brand semi-active damper technology provides real time control for your seat suspension system, enhancing occupant safety and comfort. The patented continuously variable damper valve is controlled by Active Shock patented Ride State Aware™ algorithm that reads sensors embedded in the damper and outputs the ideal force target in real time.

The main purpose of the seat suspension is to support the machine operator. The damper plays a major role in providing a level of comfort that allows the operator to control the equipment in a safe and comfortable environment. A safe and comfortable environment directly impacts the productivity and the job satisfaction of the operator. Productivity enhancements improve equipment return on investment and overall efficiency allowing for more profitable operation.

The key is in designing a suspension that can allow enough relative motion to feel comfortable, maintain vehicle control by preserving the relationship between the operator and the pedals and controls without allowing the suspension to bottom or top out. This goal is difficult to accomplish in the rough earthmoving environment where inputs are highly unpredictable. The solution is a semi active system that can adapt and change based on the conditions of the operating environment.

  • Active Shock Semi Active Dampers

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